​Una refrigeración pasiva de edificios con fachadas textiles sin consumo energético.

Passive cooling of buildings with textile facades without energy consumption.

The International Energy Agency estimates that cooling systems account for 15% of electricity consumption and 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. The demand for air conditioning in buildings will continue to increase. The need for cooling has tripled worldwide since 1990.
According to the IEA (International Energy Agency), by 2050, air conditioning in buildings will account for the largest share of total energy needs at 37%.

​Simply switching to renewables such as wind and solar will not be enough to meet energy demand. As more and more people transition to electricity as their primary energy source, the more we can reduce consumption, the easier and more stable this transition will be.
Passive cooling methods for buildings will be absolutely crucial in this regard. Especially in hot regions, textile facades are a key technology for energy-free building air conditioning.

​A textile façade is a complete and durable cladding of a building with a technical fabric. It is also called climatic envelope or bioclimatic façade. The functional principle is as simple as it is ingenious and allows the building to be air-conditioned without the need for energy supply. The entire system is virtually maintenance-free. It creates a natural and healthy indoor climate.

It fulfills the function of protection against insects. Protects the building structure from aging and weathering. Reduces noise. Creates privacy because you can look from the inside almost unobstructed. But not from the outside in. Visual appreciation of the property. Operates 365 days a year, no operating costs, no greenhouse gas emissions, no electricity, little or no maintenance, no operating noise and no space requirements. Suitable for old and new buildings.

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