Patente de fachada textil
Fachada textil con el sistema de fachada patentado rohoflex

​Textile Facades

​​Bioclimatic façade

​Textile facades are a "green" building technology that allows the temperature of buildings to be controlled without consuming energy. Our proprietary and patented façade products offer significant advantages over the competition.

A textile facade consists of a tensioning and fastening system and a fabric specially developed for ventilated facades. Depending on the material and design, the facade fulfills various functions, such as privacy protection, noise protection, solar protection, sandstorm protection, etc.

Specially developed coatings ensure a long service life and guarantee the self-cleaning properties of the fabric.

The rohoflex tensioning technology in combination with the rohotex textile facade fabric is a turnkey, easy-to-install facade solution. With the patented rohoflex tensioning technology, all commercially available textile facade fabrics can be installed storm-proof. CH Pro is the exclusive licensing partner for the patent.

Sistema de fachada para fachadas textiles
Tejido textil de PVC para fachadas textiles


​An economical integral fabric that utilizes the thermal properties of the air masses to achieve passive building cooling. This effect is also achieved with different color shades of the fabric. roho has climate specialists who determine the best possible distance between the fabric and the building to ensure that this succeeds perfectly. Just ask roho and they will take care of everything. A contact person who will take care of a fast and quality execution of your textile façade. Many roho reference projects are a model in the industry.

Tejido textil de PTFE para fachadas textiles

rohotex premium

​​​This fabric plays in another league. Not only does it have a particularly elegant look and a unique feel, but it also impresses with its significantly higher durability and compliance with A2 fire protection guidelines. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of its use in hospitals, schools or escape routes. The only limitation is the choice of colors for small quantities. If the quantity is suitable, we can supply special colors. This fabric is approved for fastening with all rohoflex tensioning profiles, as this guarantees a kink-free and fabric-friendly fastening.

Tejido textil para refrigeración pasiva de fachadas textiles

rohotex spectracool

​A new development from roho, for successful air conditioning of buildings also in hot regions without electricity. So-called heat hoods prevent the thermal movement of air there, which reduces the success of air conditioning of "normal" textile facades. With the Spectracool coating developed by our air conditioning experts, roho has succeeded in absorbing the IR components of light. This means that radiant heat no longer reaches the facade. The remaining incident light is free of the IR rays responsible for heating. The IR radiation is reflected back into the atmosphere when it hits the fabric. In this way, the facade additionally cools the air masses behind the mesh to comfortable temperatures permanently and reliably.

​Fabric with air purifying properties

Fachadas textiles con propiedades purificadoras del aire

​A textile façade with photocatalytic air purification properties cleans the air of nitrogen oxides at approximately 0.7 grams per hour per 1,000 square meters.

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